One of the top advertising, editorial and corporate portrait photographers in the Southwest.  His reputation for producing powerful portraiture that stands the test of time has resulted in over 800 magazine cover / portrait assignments and world wide syndication of his celebrity portraits and editorial portraiture.  
I have seen Chris asked on several occassions about the art of portrait photography.  One of the reoccuring themes he will often share is that the best portraits are rarely about f-stops or the coolest cameras or even the light (gasp)…It is a result of a collaborative dance between the photographer and subject where the subject lets down their gaurd or invites a moment of intimacy.  It is all about recording that moment ...something that is genuine, perhaps spontaneous but always a visceral peek within..... “the technical stuff is critical but in the end, it is only a booby prize if your pretty picture is without soul.”   
As his production manager and wife, I have seen Chris’ formidable people skills in action in the most challenging of circumstances since I started working for him as a stylist in 1994. Understanding the importance of establishing a quick connection with his subjects and finding a perfect balance between collaboration and control is what I think makes him one of the best portrait photographers working today.  
As a sought after speaker and educator, Chris has taught or lectured on his portrait photography techniques at the Art Center / Pasadena, UCLA, ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers, Parsons School of Design, Photokina, PMA – Photo Marketing Association, and the Otis College of Art and Design / LA.  In 2000-2001 Chris mentored and directed the staff photographers at Hallmark Card’s - Creative Photography Studio in Kansas City. In both our Los Angeles and Phoenix studios, photographer internships are coveted positions, which have helped launch the professional careers of some of the best shooters in the country since 1991.  At the time of this writing, Chris is mentoring 4 emerging Phoenix professional photographers within a structured internship program that spans 18 months.


By Jane Janssen - CBP Production Manager