Phoenix Advertising Photographer and Commercial Production Company serving the Southwest since 1989.  Our studio provides full service commercial photography production services and coordination for both large and small scale advertising and lifestyle photography and video.  Our in house services includes all pre production and post production coordination including location scouting, casting, art services support, set design and building, digital technicians, photogaphy assistants, wardrobe / make-up / hair stylists, craft service and transportation services.

Among the professional commercial photographers shooting in the Southwest (outside of Los Angeles and San Diego) there are only a handful that have experience producing large scale productions.  In Phoenix, Az there are only two advertising photographers with that reputation.  Christopher Barr Photography is one of them.  In fact, CB Photo is one of the resources photographers coming in from outside Arizona call when they are looking for local production coordination and support noted above.

A Note From Chris....

I have been shooting advertising photography & lifestyle photography of almost every size and type for over 20 years.  Because my name is on the credit line, I am usually the one that gets the kudos.  Like most of the professional photographers I know, Im a sucker for positive feedback but in truth, the credit for our success is a shared the extreme.  This advertising photographer is only the face a relatively complex production company with too many important people to fully acknowledge here.  The caliber of “my” professional photography is a result of the passion, creativity and commitment of many professionals who have been working by my side for many years.  This work, by its very nature is a highly collaborative process.  It often starts in the mind of a art director at a advertising agency or marketing company and ends with a production assistant uploading finished images to an agency server weeks later…In between the two are artist representatives, production coordinators, photography assistants, stylists, digital techs, interns and a host of vendors that make critical contributions along the way. 
I am very proud of my staff and crews who work together to create remarkable photography, on every job we produce.  I often think that what separates the men from the boys in this business is not just how we execute but also how we anticipate and respond to the curve balls that invariably get thrown at us along the way.  Staying cool under fire only comes from experience in the trenches and I am lucky to be surrounded by crews that are battle hardened, results oriented, accountable and without exception, the best at what they do.
Even after many years of shooting, I am still impressed with the creative synergy that is in motion long before I arrive on the set and pick up a camera.  I don’t turn a key and start the engine…when I hit the set, it often feels like all I have to do is jump on board a train that is already moving swiftly down the tracks.  Anyone who does business with our company quickly realizes the engineer at the controls of this locomotive is Jane Janssen, my production manager and wife.   She began working in this business, for other advertising photographers and commercial directors in the late 80’s and took over the reigns of my studio in the mid 90’s.  She keeps this photography company focused, accountable and results oriented.
No matter how we try to anticipate the unexpected during the production process, the unexpected invariably occurs…it just goes with the territory and without those surprises we would have no war stories to tell over and over again later as we look back…The model who stumbles face first into a wave just after finishing a 2 hour hair and make-up call...within minutes of magic hour, the layout that looked so good on paper that really didn’t work because arms and legs don’t actually bend like that…the star that began celebrating the shoot wrap 6 hours early.  The creative process is a fragile one and when the unexpected hiccup in the continuum does occur, that’s when experience and professionalism tell the tale.  During our shoots, there really isn’t much, other than a rain out that is a deal breaker for us now and come to think of it….
we usually can push through those too!